What is worship?

Worship is our expression of adoration and praise to God. In worship, we focus our attention on God and switch off from the things around us. In fact, our whole lives should be focused on worship because it is a way of life, and not just something to do at church.

Why do we worship?

It is a way of communicating both to, and with God. We can thank Him for all the things He has blessed us with or pray for a specific worry in our life, but worship also allows God to speak to us. It can be a kind of conversation.

How do we worship?

There are many forms of worship. Sung worship is one example; singing songs with lyrics of praise, adoration and thanks, helps us to focus our worship on God and what He has done for us. There are many other aspects of church and being a Christian that are also forms of worship. For example: prayer, reading the Bible and evangelism. Basically, anything that is centred on God is worship!

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