KO Congregation

Kingdom Overflow is…

Kingdom Overflow is our church congregation for an emerging generation. We believe that God is calling us to meet with and build genuine relationships with the people of this area and introduce them to an everlasting relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe people are changed when they encounter Him.

Kingdom Overflow is Spirit led meaning we don’t want to be running the way the services go on a Sunday evening, we want the Holy Spirit to take over and meet with and heal the people who are there.


We believe all things flow from our worship to God, as we worship we encounter God and are equipped for great things. Our response to His loves for us is to love Him back, all our services involve worship, giving back to Him for everything He has done for us.


Input – We want to explore the word of God deeper, we have talks every week equipping, challenging and passionately sharing what God is calling us to do and how God wants us to live. God’s grace is deeper than our failures and no matter who we are God wants to use us to do impossible and amazing things for Him.