Healing Nights

Once a month at the Overflow Cafe, we have a room set up where we pray for healing. Firstly it’s a safe, relaxed non-judgmental atmosphere where no matter who you are or what you say, you won’t be laughed at! Whatever you’re going through, physical, emotional, mental illness we believe that Jesus can heal you. The truth is he wants to heal us way more than we want to be healed ourselves…

So what happens in this ‘healing room’? Well it’s simple, you come in maybe bring a friend with you and you can approach one of our team and tell them what you want healed. Nothing weird happens, no rituals or ceremony. We just simply command the pain to leave, and Jesus does the rest!

You may be thinking ‘Well I don’t believe in all that healing Jesus stuff’… that’s fine. We believe that Jesus still wants to heal us anyway… what’s there to lose?

When do the healing nights happen?

The Healing nights run every 2nd Friday of the month, and take place in the centre, which is the room at the back of the church.

It would be amazing to see you there!

If you want to know more please contact us