I Want to be on the Team

Kingdom Overflow

So you’re interested on being on team… There’s a lot to get involved in and we’re always looking for people to grow in their ministries. Worship, evangelism, prayer ministry, pastoral care… What’s God calling you to?


Intimate worship is us connecting with the Father and living life in His blessings, we have a worship band on Sunday evenings that is all about being Spirit led. Interested in getting involved in the worship team? We would love to have you involved… just contact Tom for more details:



Jesus calls us to make disciples of all nations, healing the sick, raising the dead and casting out demons as we do that. The word evangelism can seem scary but when we know the creator of the universe is going with us then the fears of the world begin to fade away. We don’t want to go out on the streets and shout at every person who passes by… we want to build genuine relationships with people that show just how much we and Jesus love them.

Want to be part of the evangelism team? Then contact Luke:


Overflow Out (Social Action)

Jesus said that we must serve the last the least and the lost, that we must live for Him seeing justice fill the streets. Loving the homeless, packing sleeping bags, painting peoples houses, gardening…. we want to be blessings to all people being a light in the darkness.

Want to be part of the social action team? Then contact Vicki:


Pastoral Care

Every person who walks through the door is a living blessing from God, we’re to love them and welcome them with everything we’ve got. People have all sorts of stuff going on in their lives, we want to listen and let Jesus bring healing to the brokenness of their hearts.

Want to be part of the pastoral care team? Then contact Lauren:


Prayer Ministry

Prayer is one of the most important parts of church, we see in Acts the early church praying for everyone. Prayer is us talking to the Father and allowing Him space to move in our lives and in the lives of those we pray for. We believe in the laying on of hands at every opportunity, praying for the people we’re with in every situation.

Want to be part of the prayer ministry team? Then contact our office:


18-20 Something’s Ministry

All generations of people need to be met with… the 18 – 20 somethings ministry is for those who are…well.. 18 to 20 something! It’s all about community, getting to know one another and grow in relationship with Jesus together.

Want to be on the team that is the 18 – 20 somethings ministry? Then contact our office:


PA Team

So we worship, we pray, we encounter God. There’s an important part of the services that we have here and thats the PA. Without the PA the events wouldn’t look and sound as cool as they do, if you’re a techy person and you want to be a part of the team that runs everything sound and lighting then get in contact with us: