Community 18

Community 18 is part of Kingdom Overflow, which was put together for people over 18 for support, community and for growing together, no matter what denomination or other church’s they go to.

KO Cool Down @ The Plough

If you’re aged 18+, Come to Kingdom Overflow at 6.30 and after the service come and join a specific community of slightly older people, as we look to continue growing community as part of our Church.

Monthly Socials

Every month we have a different event to keep it fresh. It’s our way of growing as a community and making it fun for everyone who’s involved. We have events for everyone, some may appeal to you more than others but all are a way for us to grow as a fellowship. We’ve got new things planned for the next few months… if you want to know more get in contact with us on:

or get in contact with us on Facebook

Pub Gathering at The Plough

If you’re available on Wednesday we meet together at the plough to chat, get to know each other better and continue to grow as a community.

The most stressful few years of life. We finish education, sometimes having been to uni, we start jobs, we buy cars and rent our first places to live. We work out where the line is between our own total independence, and how much of our washing we can still get our parents to do (even if it means the surprise visit home). On top of that Jesus gives us a calling that we try to chase after and fulfill, sometimes with reckless abandon, and other times with cautious, quiet steps. And then of course there is the love life (or a good attempt to avoid it).

Wednesdays seem to have become our general social night, so if you are new to the church, and want to get connected with your own age group, please come and join us, the more the merrier!