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So recently we have been praying about Unity and us coming together as a church. One in heart and mind. A few weeks ago we broke off division in the church and the things God has been doing since is amazing. From that is where I want to start this post today.

In 1 Samuel 14:7 the armor-bearer of Jonathan (Jonathan being the son of King Saul) says “”Do all that you have in mind,” his armor-bearer said. “Go ahead; I am with you heart and soul.””

Before this point Jonathan wants to go and attack a group of Philistines, the Philistines had effectively been at war with Israel and caused them to go into hiding. But Jonathan trusts in the Lord and goes out to attack this group of Philistines. His armor-bearer says that he’ll go with him whatever he decides to do.

There’s a few things that can come out of that, but there’s one I want to focus on. That’s unity. Jonathan’s armor-bearer trusts in Jonathan’s decision, he is one in heart and mind with him. He agree’s with him and trusts that He is making a decision that is from God.

This does lead to Jonathan and his armor-bearer defeating the group of Philistines and God leading them into victory. So often as a church we don’t have victories because we lose our unity, we want to do things our way. We disagree with what the leader or the rest of the team feels God is calling us to do. It’s in those moments though that we should trust our team, trust they’re hearing from God and be one in heart and soul with our team/church.

Paul says in 1 Corinthians 12 we are the body of Christ. If just one part doesn’t work with the rest of the body then it doesn’t work in unity and the body doesn’t function as well as it could! Even if there are times where disagreement comes, share that, pray about it and trust the final decision that is made…. God leads us to victories through our unity!

– Luke Emanuel

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