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Love You

Christmas is coming – I saw the Coca Cola advert the other day! That means it’s not long until I will be gifted with all my presents, and get a lot more ‘Things’ against my name!

Things are great. Owning things, eating things, hoarding things. We love our things. Things make us happy!

How long for though? Seriously ….. My mum bought me a dog when i was about 11, and for months and months it was amazing! I loved my dog! I took it for walks three times every day, fed it twice a day, and even cleared up it’s mess. I mean you seriously have to love something to do that. But over time my Joy and my excitement disappeared …. and it became a chore. It’s a bit like every year when you start school again, or when you start a new job ….. at first you underline every title, work hard and neatly….. but then before you know it your notes are scribbled where ever they will fit. Over time joy in things comes to an end and it all begins to feel like a chore.

So are things really that great in the end? Yeah we can have fun with them for a bit, and there is some genuinely amazing stuff out there – but they have no lasting and ongoing place in our hearts …….

It’s funny that because that’s what Jesus said! Jesus said, if you are looking for the answer to life, looking for Joy that lasts, come to me ….. because though other things may look great they will never fill that hole.

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