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The Church is changing …..

Not completely – same message – but it is – different people and different ‘expression.’

What do you have a problem with? The idea of God, or the way you think Church might be? DO you look at the message of Christianity? Or only at the Church ……

There was this bloke once who at a very young age didn’t like dogs – they scared him! Not just a little – he was terrified. He was from a family of people who didn’t like dogs, and bizarrely he ended up in his growing up surrounded by several other people who also didn’t like dogs. Between His own feelings and the shared feelings of those close to Him, these feelings only grew – they were nurtured until going near a dog was the last thing he would ever do!

‘I DON’T DO DOGS – they’re pointless and I don’t like them, and in fact anyone who does like dogs has something wrong with them.’

Then one day his life took a huge turn for the worse – this man ended up being evicted from his home, became an alcoholic, and was left on the streets. After a while he got to the stage where he could bear this no longer and was about to end it all – but then -then – he came across this dog. This dog – a young dog – was wandering the streets while He sat in a doorway – before he knew it the dog was on His blankets and licking his hand. ‘AAArrghhh’ screamed the man pushing the dog off – but the dog seemed determined to sit on his blanket. He pushed and pushed the dog until all of a sudden – for the briefest of moments – they made eye contact. He stopped pushing the dog – and the dog lay with Him – kept him warm – and at that moment His life changed.

Instead of ending it all, he found renewed purpose. The dog became his Friend and they went everywhere together – and soon he found himself a hostel, then a job, then a house – and was back on his feet. All because of Dog – Dog changed his life.

I thought I knew what Dog was like, because of what everyone else said, and after one experience. But then I realised I’d never actually looked properly at a dog …..

Don’t do the same with God ….

Church is changing because it’s made up of people – in our case young people ….

Why not join us and find out more?

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